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Why do our Pork Chops and Dry Aged Beef Taste so Good?

When you bite into our Pork Steaks, Chops, or slow cook a shoulder roast, you’ll notice a drastic difference in flavor compared to the store bought commercial pork.

Once of the big reasons is this big guy right here, our Old Line Berkshire Boar. He is a big reason why we have the best Pork Chops around Seattle or anywhere in Washington State.

We spent a lot of money finding an Old Line Berkshire boar. All the current breeds have been tainted with a breed called “Pietrain” when the pork industry was trying to compete with Chicken in the “other white meat” campaign. Although they are wider, and typically more muscular, this poor decision by the commercial producers and pork organizations, created a pale color of meat that has very little flavor.

Our Boar’s genetics go back 90 years+. This creates a more red colored meat like pork used to be. 

On the beef side, Our butcher hangs the whole carcass 14-21 days! This is commonly referred to as Dry Aging. 50-70 years ago, the common practice among butchers was to hang for 2 weeks+. This allows time for enzymes to break down and the meat gets more tender. It also results in 10-15% moisture loss, which consolidates the flavor, giving you the true flavor of beef! 

Just 1 lb of ground beef and you will notice a drastic difference! Since we are hanging the whole carcass, the roasts, brisket, steaks and ground are all dry aged, which is unfortunately hard to find nowadays. Dry Aged beef in Washington is pretty rare. There are a few restaurants in Seattle that have Dry Aged Steaks, but these a super high end, expensive restaurants. It is also only high end steaks. With Farm Fresh Northwest you get Dry Aged Brisket, Roasts, Ground Beef, Stew Meat and all steak cuts!

We had a chance to spend a week at my parents summer pasture property they were able to purchase last fall. Most of the pasture hadn’t been used for cattle for several years, so there were a lot of rotted posts and quite a few down trees that broke fence. Quite a bit of work to do in order to have all pastures ready for rotational grazing. The kids loved getting some rides on the quad with Papa and helping us get work done. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. As always we appreciate your support!

Took pigs into the butcher on Monday and wanted to share a little of what it looks like when they’re loaded up in the trailer. There were just 11 hogs left on this batch, so they fit nicely in the front half of the trailer. We put them all in the same compartment to keep them safer in transport so they don’t have a lot of space to be sliding or falling down if there are any sudden stops or sharp corners. Most of the time on transport, once we get going they settle in and lay down fairly quickly.

As you’ll see in the photo, coloring on the hogs varies. These are all out of the same two litters, but can come out with quite a bit of differing color patterns. Most are spotted from our Berkshire boar crossed with our sows, but there are always a few red ones from the Duroc influence and even some white from the Yorkshire or Chester lines on the sow side.

Old Line Berkshire produces some of the best pork flavor and tenderness of all. If you’re looking for Pork Chops near Seattle Washington, we deliver directly to your doorstep just like Smith Brothers Farms

Most of the new calves for this year have been born, Dad is just waiting on a few. We’ll be building and repairing fence on a summer pasture Dad bought in the fall. It is about an hour north of Spokane and should allow us to get enough hay for most winters while providing summer pasture. Here’s a photo of them out in the Pasture from last month. Always good to see all the new babies. Unlike Butcher Box, Crowd Cow, or Omaha Steaks, we actually raise cattle and pigs ourselves, right here in Washington state. We aren’t removed from the challenges of winter time and livestock in general.

When searching for Dry Aged Beef or Pork Chops near Seattle Washington, we are the family and farm that you want to work with! Find the right farm to work with, its always smart to look at google reviews and customer testimonials to know that you are working with a company that will do what is right.

We have the preferences tab now active! You are able to adjust preferences any time now and we would love to have preferences entered for every customer so we can get you more of the cuts you like! If you can select atleast one steak option from each of the 3 columns that will be helpful! These 3 categories are what we base our rotations off of. It is also helpful if you select everything that you like, not just one in each category. We only have our animals to work with, so we don’t always have each cut available every month.

Biting into a juicy, tender Pork chop is incredible. Allowing you to chew freely and know what you are putting into your body. All across Washington State and throughout the Northwest, you can find the best pork chops in seattle at Just like with your smith brothers login, you can login to farm fresh northwest to adjust how many pork chops you are going to receive.

You can also login at Farm Fresh Northwest to adjust how much Dry Aged Beef you are going to receive each month. Whether you are getting Dry Aged Steaks, Dry Aged Roasts or Dry Aged Ground beef, you want to be able to choose how much quantity you are going to receive on each delivery. Get your pork chops delivered to you in Washington or greater seattle area today!