Thick Bone-In Chops 14-15 oz!



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Gourmet thick cut 14-15 oz Bone-In pork chops. Hogs raised on non-gmo feed, no hormones and no antibiotics! These Bone-in chops can be delivered to your household whether you live in Seattle or any other part of Washington. Pasture raised pork delivered right to your doorstep! Having an Old-Line Berkshire boar provides the highest meat quality you can find in any pork. This provides the best quality pork you can find around Seattle or any where in Washington State.

All pork in the grocery stores or butcher shops is coming from the mass produced commodity hog barns where the pigs are on concrete or slat floors. There is a massive difference in flavor when the pigs are able to root around in the ground. Pigs get a lot of minerals out of the ground while rooting and allows them to do what they love to do! When finding pork chops in the greater Seattle area, don’t settle for over paying at a restaurant, get them delivered and cook yourself for 1/2 the price! Here is a link to our recipe partner for a great chops recipe! Pork Chops RecipeĀ