About Farm Fresh NW Delivery

Grass Fed Organic Beef

Farm Fresh Northwest Founder Mark Lathim was the 5th generation to grow up on the family farm 30 miles north of Pasco, along the Snake River. The Farm was originally homesteaded in 1904 by Grandma Anita’s grandparents.

Grandma was raised on the farm and her and Grandpa Duane grew wheat until 1988. They raised cattle and pigs for the majority of their 65 year marriage. Grandpa continues to raise the cattle that we deliver to your doorstep.

Duane Lathim (Grandpa) is well known across the Columbia basin for his high quality show steers (steers shown by 4-H and FFA kids at county and state fairs). The cattle his herd produces is not your average cattle. It takes knowledge of genetics and years of refining your herd to produce champion steers. As a Farm Fresh Northwest customer you get to taste the difference of this knowledge!

Growing up my grandparents had an entire bookshelf full of trophies won by my Uncles, Aunt and Dad in 4-H and FFA during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. As great as Grandpa has been at breeding Cattle, he produced even more champions with hogs. This continued with my sisters, cousins and I during the 90’s & early 2000’s raising many champions at our county fairs and the Puyallup and Moses Lake Spring Shows.

Organic Meat Delivery Near Me

The way this helps you as a Farm Fresh Northwest customer is that your not eating average to below average pork that you see in every grocery store and butcher shop, you’re getting the 3 generations of knowledge in proper pork nutrition, proper animal handling and proper pork growth that you can’t replicate or find anywhere else. Our first group of hogs we delivered to customers in February of 2018 were 270-300lbs at 5 months and 1 week. Most people struggle to get to those weights in 7-8months. This translates to drastically more lean, more tender, and more flavorful pork! Combine this with a family owned butcher who also have 50+ years of family knowledge & make the best smoked bacon & ham you’ll ever taste and your results are hundreds of happy customers!

Mark & Brooke Lathim own and run Farm Fresh Northwest. Grandpa raises the cattle back home on the farm in Eastern Washington. Mark & Brooke raise the pigs at their place in Stanwood. They also put all the packages together & utilize Brooke’s previous UPS driver experience and do all the deliveries to your doorstep.

We appreciate your business and thank you for buying your meat directly from the farm. Where you know who raised the animals, how they were raised and where they were raised! Your taste buds, stomach and overall health with thank you as well!