Mayumi – South Sound “Have you ever experienced the amazing flavor of Aged Beef? It is amazing. The quality of Farm Fresh Northwest’s beef and pork is like none other. My family and I have had a monthly delivery for over 3 years and just cannot go back to grocery store meats. Customer service and easy of communicating with the owner is wonderful! Love Farm Fresh Northwest. Thank you for all you do!!”

Anthony – Washington “These meats are so far above the quality that I get at the grocery or local butcher it borders on ridiculous. The marbling and taste of the beef are fantastic, and the pork products are the best I’ve ever bought. 10/10; will beef and pork again.”

Barbara – Kitsap County “Extremely helpful local farmer providing top notch products for genuine farm-to-table healthy, household meals.”

Ryan – Pierce County “Farm fresh northwest has been excellent to work with. Every product that we have order has been great. Delivery is awesome and the whole process is simple. Highly recommend!”

Kirstin – Benton County “Great to work with. Quick replies to any questions. We have bought both beef and pork. The tastiest we have ever had. We are loyal customers. I highly recommend them.”

Holly – Seattle “Been getting monthly delivery of quality meats and eggs for many years. If you want to get away from store bought meat loaded with who knows what, local is the way to go. They have all kinds of selections and packages that meet your needs. Cut, packed and frozen. Been really happy with this company and the quality they bring to my table.”

James – Pierce County “Great quality meat! I have had their meat delivered directly to my door for years. The only thing better than the beef is the costumer service. Friendly and quick to respond. I recommend giving them a try.”

Joseph – Marysville “Exceptional quality! Meat is hung longer than average and you can taste the difference. The difference between what you will get at the store and here is beyond what you will expect. Just cook the ground beef and the smell will tell the difference. The only downside is it will make you want to buy a larger freezer to have more on hand.”

Cheri – Snohomish County “Flavor is the number one reason we buy our meats from FFNW; the flavor of their meats is exceptional. Our default order includes a beef package, a pork package, and chicken; it is a common comment after a meal that the wonderful flavor of the meat can’t be beat. I love knowing the animals are humanely raised. I love knowing the hogs are raised on dirt! I love knowing the beef cattle always have access to grass. I am impressed that FFNW fills orders from the whole animal; this is eating meat the way it is intended to be eaten. With FFNW, ordering is a breeze. We have a standard default order that works well for our family, but we often tweak it a little if we will be having house guests, or will be making bone broth, or have other meal-plan needs. Likewise, if we will be out of town, it is no problem at all to simply cancel the order for that month. Any order adjustments are quick and easy to do. Our monthly delivery arrives on a predictable day each month, and is heralded the day before with a text reminder to put out our ice chest in preparation for the delivery. I love that delivery is right to our front porch! How easy can it be? Great product, easy ordering, convenient delivery. We’ve been customers for years, and there is no turning back!”

Kerry – Snohomish County “We love this meat! The flavor is incredible and so nice to have meat in the freezer every month. We have entertained and served Farm Fresh steaks and our friends now understand why we stay home for a steak dinner, it’s flavor and tenderness are delicious.”

Rikki – Snohomish County “My family has enjoyed the delivery service of Farm Fresh Northwest since the company’s origin (2016). Mark knocked on my front door one night, to pitch his business during a phase when my two sons were eating unbelievable amounts of food. Our family has prioritized eating quality (and, when possible, local) food for as long as I can recall, and Farm Fresh NW brings a local farm direct to my home. I appreciate the delicious quality of beef/pork/lamb that we receive for a great price; and I also like that I can change or cancel my monthly order any time up until three days before delivery.
On the one occasion that I had a complaint, Mark immediately delivered a replacement. My complaint was that I received a shoulder roast labeled as 3 pounds, but upon thawing the package and removing the large shoulder bone, the weight of the meat was only about one pound. Mark made it right, immediately.
When you become a customer of Farm Fresh NW, you can expect great meat at a great price, knowing that you have supported a local business which prioritizes the health and care of their pasture-raised livestock.
You’ll never go back to buying caged animal meat from the supermarket.”

Norm – Snohomish County “We are always very happy with the quality of meat from Farm Fresh Northwest. They have also been very accommodating when we have needed to change our delivery date because of being out of town. We have certainly appreciated that!”

Brice – Tacoma “Fantastic product. The steaks are amazing! Really convenient and it’s great to support local farmers.”

Jessica – Snohomish County “High quality, great selection, local, door delivery… great service all around! Totally recommend!”

Richard – Snohomish County “THE BEST in the WEST! We have been using Farm Fresh for a few years and have never been unhappy. The meat is delicious. The wagyu is to die for and the ground beef is 2000% better than store bought. We highly recommend!”

Robyn – Camano “They are so accommodating. You’re not locked into any kind of subscription. I love being able to have an order one month but not the next month, if I don’t need it. It’s delivered right to your door and their products are divine (their prices are super reasonable too). Best pork I’ve ever had.”

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