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Beef available in every language.

When looking for beef in Washington state or around Seattle area, no matter what language you speak or what type of meat you are looking for we are your source. Celebrating a holiday meal with the most delicious and tender piece of meat can make all the difference. Here are some of the communities we serve throughout the Seattle Washington area.

  1. Spanish: carne de res
  2. French: bœuf
  3. German: Rindfleisch
  4. Italian: carne bovina
  5. Portuguese: carne bovina
  6. Dutch: rundvlees
  7. Russian: говядина (govyadina)
  8. Chinese (Simplified): 牛肉 (niúròu)
  9. Japanese: 牛肉 (gyūniku)
  10. Korean: 쇠고기 (soegogi)
  11. Arabic: لحم بقري (lahm baqri)
  12. Hindi: गाय का मांस (gaay ka maans)
  13. Bengali: গরুর মাংস (gorur mangsho)
  14. Turkish: sığır eti
  15. Swahili: nyama ya ng’ombe