Beef & Pork Combo Box!



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Our standard Beef Package along with our Mixed Pork Package. The Combo pack combines are two most popular packages on the Beef and Pork sides, which gives you a discount. The standard beef package is 1/3 Dry Aged Ground Beef, 1/3 Dry Aged Steak Cuts, & 1/3 Medium Cuts which are (Roasts, Stew, Flanken Ribs, or Brisket). The mixed pork package has Sausage or Ground Pork, Bacon and Pork Cuts based on your preferences. The 10 lb Pork Package will have 2 lbs of sausage, 1 lb bacon and the remainder cuts. The 12 lb option has 3 lbs of Sausage and the 16 lb has 4 lbs of Sausage.

If you do not use sausage or ground pork, the Combo Box won’t be a great fit. We have a Pork Cuts Only package that doesn’t have any sausage or ground pork. Same on the Beef side, if you don’t use any of the medium cuts or don’t use Ground Beef, then you will want to select the Steak & Medium only package or the Steak and Ground Only.

As with all our packages, you are able to select preferences for your cuts and we will try to send those as often as possible. Working with our own animals, we don’t always have every cut available, so we do not guarantee cuts, but we will do our best to send your preferences more often. Thank you!

Here is an example of the preferences sheet:

Grass Fed Beef

This is meat is not like a Butcher Shop or grocery store. Our animals are pasture Raised, not raised in large production facilities and not processed at the huge slaughterhouses like with the meat at Butcher Shops or Grocery Stores. With our beef we Dry Age 14+ days, unlike the mass produced beef, where they only hang 1 day to chill the carcass and then cut it up the next day.

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