Bratwurst Sausage


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Add On Sausage links to your order! Or get sausages alone ($40 minimum for delivery). The Bratwurst Sausage is extremely flavorful! The links are all hand twisted by our wonderful butcher, McCary Meats. There are no seasoning mixes used here. They use local herbs and spices and blend their recipes in their spice room. Most of their sausage recipes are 50+ year family recipes handed down.

The Link sausages are 70% of our Dry Aged Beef & 30% Pork. Most butchers and stores use 100% pork for these sausages because it is much cheaper than adding Beef. The beef adds more flavor and a much better texture! The links are about 6 inches long and we have 7 Varieties: German Sausage, Bratwurst, Italian Sausage, Old Fashioned(smoked hot dog), Jalapeno, Jalapeno & Cheese, & Andouille! There are 4 Bratwurst & Andouille per package & 5 links per package on all other varieties. The Brats and Andouille are fresh, not smoked. The Italian, German & Old Fashioned are smoked. They are $11/package and each package is ~1.15 lb (Since they are hand twisted the weight will range from about 1.05-1.25 lbs)