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Grass fed Beef Seattle | What to Look For

Grass fed beef Seattle

When looking for grass fed beef in Seattle Washington, there are many things to consider. Grass fed beef is raised on pasture where the cattle can eat grass and move around freely. Near Seattle, Washington there are many farms with grass fed beef. Some people referred to grass fed beef, as pasture raised or free range. Most of these terms mean the same thing. The advantage to grass fed beef is better omega fatty acids in your diet and knowing what you’re putting in your body. Farm Fresh Northwest provides grass fed beef to their customers through a delivery method. Farm Fresh NW delivers directly to customer doorstep in the Puget Sound area from Bellingham to Olympia, We deliver ourselves. In Oregon, Idaho, and the rest of Washington state Farm Fresh NW delivers grass fed beef through UPS. When you are looking for a grass fed beef farm, the main things you want to search for is how long the farmer has been raising cattle do the cattle get finished with grass only or grain as well. grass fed is an encompassing term if they are grass finished that is different than a grass fed and grain finished animal. Finishing with grain provides more marbling a juicier steak and more tender meat. The flavor profile between grain finished and grass finished is very different the grass finished beef will be a little gamier then the grain finished Seattle Washington beef. When you are able to grain finish the grass fed beef, they will be able to be dry aged for longer. dry aging The beef provides a more tender and flavorful product. grass fed cattle near Seattle Washington are grazing on lush green pastures whether they are in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, King, Pierce County or Thurston County there is plenty of green grass from all the rainfall we receive. Grass fed beef is one of the most beneficial types of food and meats available getting yourself a healthy source of grass fed beef can provide your body with not only high-quality protein but many of the minerals and vitamins that your body needs to stay strong and fight off disease.

Throughout the northwest and outside Seattle, there are fewer and fewer ranchers raising grass fed beef. Most ranchers have been pushed out by growing subdivisions and have either sold their cattle or moved east of the mountains in Ellensburg, Tri-Cities, Spokane, and surrounding areas. There are a lot of ranches still today , many of the ranches in eastern Washington have been raising cattle for many decades. Farm Fresh NW owner’s family started raising grass fed beef when they homesteaded in 1900 along the snake river. Farm Fresh NW has been delivering grass fed grain finish beef to the greater Seattle Tacoma area for seven years. Their family has been raising beef for over 120 years With experience in raising cattle, there are a lot of small nuances that beginners forget, or don’t understand so much can be gained from experience raising cattle and pasture. There are many things to look for it, such as disease infection, and a few other things that novices wouldn’t catch. With the experience, they are able to keep healthy grass fed cattle all year round in any condition, another thing to consider when looking for grass fed beef delivered around Seattle is finding a ranch that has product all year round and has beef delivered to you without having to go to the ranch itself. The convenience of delivery reduces the time that it takes you to go get Grass fed beef, reduces the time that you need to spend in grocery stores and you know you’re getting it from the direct source from the Direct farm itself, when you’re shopping at a butcher shop many times the grass fed label isn’t accurate. All butcher shops have to get USDA processed beef so most of the beef today is coming from the big slaughter houses and then go to the grocery stores and butcher shops. Butcher shops around Seattle are getting their beef from the large processor in Toppenish for the most part, they could also be getting their beef from large slaughter house near Pasco. It is important to find grass fed beef from a small producer who you know, and have a relationship with that way you know whether hormones are used, or antibiotics and whether the beef is dry aged, grain finished grass finished or grass fed and grain finished. The closer you are to the rancher, the more confident you will have in knowing where your product has come from grass fed beef is the highest quality protein for any diet. You get high quality protein from an animal, that processes with a four chamber stomach eliminating many of the bad things the other animals cannot eliminate. You also get many health benefits from minerals and vitamins within the meat finding a local source is critical especially if you have allergies by eating grass fed beef near you you can help reduce the amount of allergies just like eating local honey the impact of those allergies will be reduced giving you a better quality of life. Grass fed beef is not only for the wealthy, no matter your walk of life what class you’re in what your financial situation is there always local ranchers, able to provide you high-quality grass fed beef at a reasonable cost. Many ranches sell quarter beef half beef or whole beef. There are a few ranchers that sell individual cuts of beef small quantity ground beef, individual steaks or beef packages. It is helpful to find a company or ranch that has beef boxes or beef packages that gives you an opportunity to try out the grass fed beef without committing and having and needing the space to store a quarter beef or half a beef at a time. Farm Fresh NW provides ten pound twelve pound twenty four pound beef boxes delivered right to your doorstep

Remember when getting grass fed beef near Seattle, Washington, that you have many options. Washington ranchers are some of the best ranchers in all of the country if you try Farm Fresh NW grass fed beef, you will not be disappointed. We have thousands of happy customers who have gotten their grass fed beef delivered in Washington state.