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Dry Aged & Grass Fed Beef | Why it is Different

When looking for the best grass fed beef In Washington state there are many things you should think about. Sourcing from the correct farm will make all the difference. You should look for a farm that has been raising cattle for at least a decade. Those that are new to raising grass fed beef won’t always have the expertise in raising and ensuring your product is going to taste delicious. Farm fresh northwest provides the highest quality and best tasting grass fed beef in all of Washington state. Whether you are in Seattle Tacoma Gig Harbor Everett Spokane Vancouver Bellingham or anywhere in between, farm fresh northwest will deliver grass fed beef directly to your door. Branches that are raised grass fed beef for many decades had the expertise to make sure the finished beef product is going to taste delicious.

A key factor in creating the best flavor of beef is how long it is dry aged. This requires the rancher to have a great relationship with the butcher. Most of the butchers in western Washington will not hang the carcass for more than a few days some will go 7 to 10 days but won’t go any further than that. The longer the carcass hangs the longer all the meat is dry aged. If you hang the carcass for 14 days that means all the cuts hamburger, roasts, steaks, brisket and every other cut is dry aged. Farm fresh northwest has a great relationship with many butchers in Eastern Washington that will actually age 14 to 21 days. Having dry aged beef will change your life. Many people want dry aged steaks delivered to their door near Seattle or anywhere else in Washington state. When you can combine grass fed beef being dry aged and delivered this is the best combination in all of the land.

Dry aged steaks are usually only available at high end steakhouses. When you can find dry aged steaks directly from a farm and cook them in your own home for half the price or less than the steakhouse it will change your life. Butcher shops in Seattle also do not provide dry aged steaks, you have to find farm fresh northwest in order to get dry aged steaks delivered to your doorstep. When you combine healthy grass fed beef with a butcher that will dry age it is a beautiful combination. You can sleep well knowing that your beef is grown the correct way, also knowing that the animals are treated correctly can the farm is sustainable. Small local farms provide the best quality beef because there is more attention put into each animal.

The aspects of dry aging that are critical to creating the best tasting steak in Seattle WA are as follows; the dry aging impacts the flavor of the beef. This is the most important aspect. The longer you age the beef the more time for enzymes to breakdown which causes the beef to be more tender and the more moisture loss you have which drastically changes the flavor. When you lose this much your weight the flavor concentrates and you get the true flavor of beef every single bite is melting in your mouth because it’s more tender then a non aged counterpart. But the flavor difference is incredible, that moisture loss concentrating the flavor gives you the true flavor of beef. This is a lost aren’t and unfortunately our society has become used to needing rubs and sauces to add flavor when our true beef actually has and is packed with tons of flavor. With the enzyme breakdown the longer you go the more it gives time for those proteins to break down. This actually makes the beef easier digest on your body. If you find 50 day dry age beef it will be incredibly tender and easy to choose but after about 21 to 28 days sometimes the flavors can be overpowering. It’s crucial to find a dry aged steak or dry aged beef that is enough to give you flavor but not overpowering. One thing to think about at steakhouses that dry age, they only have steaks that are dry aged. With farm fresh northwest we aren’t only providing dry steaks we are providing dry age roasts, dry aged stew meat, dry aged flanken ribs, dry aged brisket, dry aged ground beef which is incredibly hard to find nowadays. The only way to get dry aged beef cuts beyond steaks is to buy 1/2 or 1/4 beef from a rancher that is using a butcher who hangs the carcass. Beyond that there is no store that sells dry aged ground beef. When you are a member of farm fresh northwest you are in this crucial exclusive club, allowing you to get all your cuts dry aged. Buying grass fed beef in Seattle Washington that is not dry aged is a travesty. But when you find farm fresh northwest it solves all your meat problems.

In summary grass fed beef near Seattle WA isn’t super easy to find a great supplier, but when you do it is well worth the price difference. Make sure to find a rancher that has been raising cattle for many decades. Make sure they are using a butcher that will dry age the beef for at least 14 days. If they hit these basic qualifications you are going to have a great experience. With farm fresh northwest you also get the delivery aspect along with the benefits of dry age and grass fed. Any time you are looking for a butcher shop or farm near Seattle that sells dry aged steaks remember to go to

Beef that is on pasture eating healthy grass, healthy hay, and then is butchered the correct way and has the carcass hung for 14 to 21 days will allow you the best beef quality that is available today. Whether it is black Angus or Wagyu having the beef dry aged will make a great drastic difference. Check out farm fresh northwest for all your beef and pork needs. If you are looking for the best butcher shop around Seattle, go to farm fresh northwest as they are not just a butcher shop but the actual ranchers.