Comparison Smith Brothers Farms

How Does Farm Fresh Northwest Compare to Smith Brothers Farms?

  • Farm Fresh Northwest Delivers only Meat & Protein Items from our family’s farm or other farms in Washington or Oregon. Smith Brothers is more of a grocery delivery service. Their main products are still their Dairy offerings, but many of the other items are ones you will see in grocery stores across the Northwest and Washington State.
  • Frequency: Smith Brothers Farm offers a weekly delivery as their milk products are perishable and you’re using through them more frequently. Farm Fresh Northwest offers a monthly delivery. With Frozen meat a weekly delivery isn’t necessary. This allows us to reach more homes each month. Similar to Smith Brothers, you don’t have to take delivery each month. You can set it for every other month, every 3rd month or you have do one time orders as needed throughout the year.
  • Meat Offerings: Smith Brothers has recently added ground beef from Owen’s in Cle Elum. They also have pre cooked sausage and bacon offerings. Everything offered from a butcher shop like Owen’s has to be slaughtered in a USDA inspected facility. This means all that meat is coming from the large processing plant in Toppenish or Tyson’s outside Pasco. The smaller 7 smaller usda plants in Washington are typically doing cut and wrap services for individual Ranchers. The ground beef provided by Smith Brothers Farm isn’t dry aged like ours and is most likely commodity beef from large feedlots and processed at a large slaughterhouse before going to Owen’s. Farm Fresh Northwest Beef & Pork is all coming from the farm, raised on pasture and processed at small family owned usda butchers in Eastern WA. Both our butchers hang the carcasses 14-21 days. Therefore all the beef cuts are Dry Aged 14-21 days, including our ground beef. This is a massive difference from Smith Brothers offering compared to ours. All our sausage and bacon is from pasture raised hogs, where as all the sausage and bacon offered in the store or from smith brothers is from commodity hogs raised in confinement barns.
  • Milk Offering: Smith Brothers Provides an excellent Milk Delivery service. Farm Fresh Northwest doesn’t delivery milk
  • Delivery Area: Farm Fresh Northwest has a much bigger delivery radius than Smith Brothers Farms. Smith Brothers mainly only delivers within city limits as you get further north or south from their main hubs. Farm Fresh Northwest Delivers from Blaine & Lynden at the Canadian border, all the way down to Tumwater on the south end as well as the Kitsap peninsula. We deliver to you no matter how rural you are, with customers outside Gold Bar, hugging the cascades outside Ravensdale, downtown Seattle City limits and everywhere in between. Check out our delivery schedule here.