Try Us Out

We’re excited to have you try out the best Beef or Pork Washington State has to offer! Raised by us, the Lathim family, and delivered to your doorstep by us! We delivery each area of the Puget Sound once a month. You can get delivered as often or as little as you want, but before you know how often you want delivered, I’m sure you want to give it a try! We’ve created an easy way for first time customers to try us out! Use coupon code “farmfreshFBmixed” for $20 off your first order of a mixed Beef and Pork trial package, “farmfreshFBbeef” for $15 off your first order of a Beef only trial package, and “farmfreshFBpork” for $10 off your first order of a Pork only trial package! Check out the Trial Packages here!

Here are the main features we offer that will answer most frequently answered questions:

  • We add no hormones to animals or their feed
  • We feed all non-gmo feed to both Cattle and Pigs
  • We finish with non-gmo grain and grass both on the beef so there is marbling. Completely grass fed is going to be stuff and will not grade choice or prime
  • Beef and Pork is raised on Pasture
  • We Age Beef for 21 Days!
  • Aging the beef means that the carcass hangs in cooler for 21 days. We lose 20% moisture weight which allows flavor to concentrate, giving you the true flavor of beef. The longer you age the more time for enzymes to break down, making the meat more tender and easier to digest.
  • In order to sell small quantities, less than 1/4 of an animal we are required to use a USDA inspected butcher. We use McCary Meats in Basin City. They are a family owned and operated butcher in their 50th year.
  • We raise the pigs near Stanwood, WA and my Grandpa raises the Cattle in Eastern Washington, 30 miles north of Pasco along the snake river.