Half Japanese Ground Beef Dry Aged 28 Days!


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All Natural (No Hormones, No Antibiotics) 1/2 Akaushi Beef, Dry Aged for 28 days! Our cattle are humanely raised outdoors with ample space to roam. We feed all non-gmo feed. Dry Aged Beef is hard to come by and is usually limited to Steak at a high end steak house. We age the entire carcass. In this process we lose 20% moisture weight and have about 5% additional trim loss. This is why they don’t do it at the large scale slaughter houses. The moisture loss concentrates the flavor so you get the real flavor of Beef. Each day you Age you give time for the enzymes to break down and the meat gets more and more tender. So you’re getting more flavorful, more tender beef! Our cattle are raised in the open lands of Eastern Washington overlooking the Snake river.

I would compare this to a hybrid between Wagyu and our regular Beef. A little more fat content, and a little more flavor with that extra week of Dry Aging! Impress guests with gourmet burgers!