Sausage: 2lb


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Add On 2lbs to any order of Chorizo, Breakfast(Either Mild or Spicy) or Italian. These are all ground sausage, not in casing, that come in 1-1.3lb packages. The breakfast sausage and italian sausage are pork only and the Chorizo is 50% Beef & 50% Pork. This is a great addition to a beef only package or if you’re not getting enough sausage in your pork package this will allow you to get more and dictate which kind you would like. This is also the only spot to add on chorizo to your order. There is no gluten or dairy in any of the sausages. There are only spices.

Minimum order for Delivery is $40, these are meant to be add on items unless ordering $40+ worth of these items.