Farm Fresh Northwest

Pasture Raised Beef Pork & Chicken Raised by Our Family, Delivered to your doorstep in small quantity!

How It Works?

  • Browse our Shop section and select which package, packages or items you would like to try.
  • Select Frequency for each item/package (These can always be changed or adjusted. You’re never committed for any length of time)
  • Add them to your cart and then select “Add to Delivery”.
  • You will then select your address, which will assign which delivery route you are on and then you’ll proceed to checkout.
  • Select cut preferences at checkout and we will include those cuts as often as possible in the rotation
  • Complete checkout and our system will automatically create an account for you and add you to the next delivery for your area! Your card wont be charge until 1-2 days before delivery.
  • You can adjust your order anytime between now and 3 days before your scheduled delivery.

If you have any questions email the owner [email protected]